Let me guess: you'd l-o-v-e to juice more, or start your juice-y journey to wellness, right? 

After all, you know juices and smoothies are the #1 way to add more greens in your diet, kick up your energy, and jumpstart your immune system.

You also know the secret to squeezing the most balanced goodness out of your routine is to switch up the veggies & fruits you eat.

But there's one major roadblock in your way: consistency.

If you catch yourself thinking:

"I want to make juicing/smoothie blending a regular habit. But…"

“… I’m too busy. I don't have time to constantly look up new recipes, and try new produce every single day!”

“… What if I drop cash on fruits + veg, only to make ONE juice, then forget about it?”

“… Even when I get momentum, I almost always end up with extra wasted ingredients rotting in my fridge.”

“… I never know which combos are best, or what’s going to taste good!”

“I’m total newbie. Where do I even begin?”

I get it.  I've been there too.  So keep reading - this one's for you.

What if there was a no-brainer way to make a range of daily scrumptious juices & smoothies – without wasting time, dollars, or trips to the supermarket?

What if a bundle of easy-to-follow shopping lists, recipes, and more was delivered to you every week like magic, with a loving & like-minded community to support you along the way?

Well, it's time to stop wondering.  Because you've arrived.


A groundbreaking membership resource + community dedicated to making juices and smoothies, new recipes, and staying on track a breeze.


For juices AND smoothies!  Do you use a juicer or a blender?  We have recipe menus for both juices and smoothies.


A recipe menu + a shopping list will be delivered to your inbox each week. No more wasting produce or wondering what to juice each day.  We give you 14 new recipes a week (56 a month) for an entire year!


Easy as pie and no more excuses. You'll never throw away extra produce again and you'll speed through the grocery store.


Reap the benefits of easy juicing daily.  Slim figure, increased energy and glowing skin are coming your way.

Join us in the clubhouse now


7 days of new juice & smoothie recipes plus a shopping list EACH WEEK. Yep, that means with one grocery store run each week you'll have all the juicing + smoothie ingredients you'll need.  It's just like our super popular juice challenges, on steroids.


5 of my most popular guides including Green Drinkology, The Get Juiced beginners guide (includes recipe cards!) and our Ultimate Transformation System with nutrition suggestions. It's a complete beginners guide to juicing, blending and how to make it a daily practice with ease.


Unlimited access to the members only clubhouse portal where you can download weekly recipes, shopping lists and guides with just one click.  We also have comprehensive FAQ's on juicing and how to make it work for you.  If you've got questions, chances are they are answered here.


You'll get access to FIVE juicing guides + the Ultimate Transformation System

Get Juiced Juicing 101 Guide + Recipe Cards

This included the basic steps and hot secrets to get you up and juicing is the next best thing to having me juice for you in your kitchen

It comes in a 98 page downloadable guide that answers all of your questions and gets you on the road to juicing for health and hotness PLUS 40 of my best recipes (including printer friendly recipe cards for every recipe!). 

I share with you all of my secrets for juicing so you don’t have to learn on your own through trial and error.

Green Drinkolgy Guide + Recipe Cards

I compiled all my most delectable green recipes and tips into this one-stop guide. It’s packed with everything you need to know about the leafy green combos that fuel your body, and taste absolutely fabulous. 

Your taste buds aren’t deceiving you. Greens don’t have such a fab flavor on their own. The secret lies in the produce you combine it with!  I’ve broke it all down into simple, step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is buy the produce, juice or blend, and soak up all the perks of living green!

3-Days to Ditch the Bloat Guide, Juicing for Ailments Guide & 3-Day Rock Your Energy Juice & Smoothie Cleanse

Learn how to get rid of belly bloat with an easy 3-day plan - you'll come back to it again and again.

Get the real scoop on doing a modified juice & smoothie cleanse to shed pounds.  Great for a reset anytime of year.

Snatch up my personal collection of tried & true juices to make + fruits and veggies to use when you face a health issue - priceless!

Ultimate Transformation System

This weight loss + juicing system takes you through 5 steps to looking & feeling better in only one week. I'll tell you what to do and when.  If you follow it, you'll see quick results.   It's that simple.

You'll take a spin with yours truly and Rachel Feldman, coach and detox specialist from into the world of nutrition and everyday eating. We'll go through nutrition must-do's in the clean eating and nutrition guide.  It has some of our favorite clean eating recipes and superfood suggestions.

  • Shed that spare bit of weight, to bid belly bloat buh-bye and a flat tummy helloooo gorgeous
  • Get glowing skin, and feel lighter and amazing in your body
  • Send your energy and immune system skyrocketing
  • Improve the quality of your sleep, so you feel calm and clear all day long
  • Kick out shopping confusion for good with in-depth, weekly produce lists and info sheets (that means only one trip to the store for fruits & veg)
  • Easy to understand and easy to access
  • Fast and proven results (just see our testimonials!)
  • Never waste another dime on produce that’s just gonna rot in your fridge, because your weekly recipes use every bit of it
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re consuming a wide range of nutrients for your body – in a tasty way.
  • Done a juice cleanse recently, or dropped those pesky extra pounds? The Juice Club helps you stay on the wagon with easy assistance, community support + accountability


Join hundreds of other juice lovers who have already said YES!


Fact: drinking one fresh-squeezed juice or smoothie a day is a delicious way to crank up your natural energy, beauty, and all-around well being

Consistency is key! But it’s hard to go it alone. Confusion about what to juice, what to combine, and what will taste great (or gross) sneaks in.

That’s why we have The Juice Club. Whether you’re a long-time juicer or totally new to the practice – I take all the guesswork out of it for you, to keep things as straightforward and scrumptious and money-saving as possible


This revolutionary approach to juicing saves you at least two hours a week, because all the planning is done for you


Our recipes are tasty and nutritious.  We have inventive, but not difficult, recipes to help you get max nutrition for a healthy, hot body


Premade juice is expensive.  So is throwing away produce that you don’t use.  You’ll never have to buy a premade juice or throw away produce again

You're absolutely gonna love this!

"“Your program is AWESOME. I have more energy, at 50, than I have had in years!” "


""I am so enjoying my greens, and realized I lost 5 pounds after two weeks. "


"“Through this, my hubby and I were able to drink different fresh juices in the morning with ingredients that we both haven’t eaten before. Although I still feel foot aches every day, we noticed that my edema in both feet were gone the 2nd week. Also, I noticed that I lost 5 lbs. and I’m not even on a diet. I am very thankful.”"


"“Love this setup. What a great service you offer and I love the juice recipes!”"


"“Can’t wait to get started on juicing again… with these easy to follow recipes I’m so excited to begin. it’s an amazing way of life and it brings out the best in you. Super, super excited :)”"


"“Lost 28lbs in 6 weeks myself. Juicing works.”"


"“Since I have started juicing, I sleep like a baby after years and years of sleep deprivation… and that is an understatement. My breath smells clean in the morning, I feel calmer and somehow less needy of hype.”"


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