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After two decades of juicing + supporting thousands in our All About Juicing® community, I know one thing...

You can heal your body and transform your looks through juicing and proper nutrition.

They are critical components to good health and living your life to the fullest.

I've combined years of juicing, nutrition and useful recipes into these inspiring course guides designed to shortcut your learning curve and deliver results.

You won't find anything confusing - in fact - you'll find it a fun way to learn about getting stronger, healthier and sexier through a straw.  

I serve up tasty recipes designed with one purpose in mind- getting you healthy and hot.

Pick a guide, and I'll see you inside!  Love + Juice, Vanessa

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The Juice Club = my totally revolutionary resource + community, all about helping YOU get strong, healthy and sexy through a straw.

Get daily juice and smoothie recipes, weekly shopping lists (no more waste!), health tips + guides, support from an awesome group of juice lovers to keep you on track, and more.

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Juice Cleanse Reset

Discover my tried-and-true juicing steps to kick your body into high gear through proper juice fasting and juice cleansing.

This 3-day cleanse is perfect for learning how to juice fast, with support. It is 7 total days, 3 of fasting with pre and post meals. You'll get all the details you need to cleanse, slim down and restore health, including recipes before and after to secure your success. 

Participants lose on average 5-15 pounds during the 7 days.

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Clean 14 Cleanse

Learn my secrets on how to detox, shed pounds and live healthier with ease in this 14-day clean eating cleanse.

In this live program we go through 2 weeks together, inside our member area and Facebook group. You get all the tools you need to reset with whole foods and juicing. Perfect if you're not into a juice fast - this is the next best thing. Participants lose on average from 5-12 pounds during the 14 days. Program is run quarterly.

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Free & Fun Juicing Challenges

Juice challenges are an AMAZING way to kick start your health (especially if you aren't into juice fasts). It's a fun, happy, easy way to join the juicing movement.

We have LIVE and ONGOING Juice challenges. Pick what works for you.

You'll get all the tools for juicing one exciting juice each day. You'll learn new things and develop a broader palate for healthy beverages. They can be good for a newbie or veteran juicer. 

Most people tell me they experience less pain, better sleep, elevated moods, de-bloating and weight loss as a result of doing a juice challenge with AAJ.

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About Vanessa

Vanessa Simkins is the founder of AllAboutJuicing.com: a website and newsletter serving up fresh, tested juicing advice for getting a hot body, glowing skin, and lifelong health through a straw.

She is the author of 'The Juice Lover's Big Book of Juices: 425 recipes for super nutritious and crazy delicious juices' & 'Power Blender Revolution: More than 300 healthy & amazing recipes that unlock the potential of your Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja or other high speed, high power blender " paperbacks.

She is the owner of VAS Exclusive, a premium brand of juicing bottles & accessories.

She is also the founder of Vanessa's Juice Club, several Juicing Courses and Juicing Challenges where juicing daily is easy and fun.

Her newsletters, products and site reach over a quarter-million readers each month – a veritable army, inspired to juice for better health.   

A juicing trendsetter known for her inventive and tasty juice recipes, Vanessa has an undying thirst for connecting people back to what makes them healthy, one drink at a time.

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